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GillesSignature | Where Every Event is a Masterpiece


Transforming Spaces, Crafting Experiences

GillesSignature redefines Los Angeles venues, turning them into sophisticated settings for unforgettable events. With a decade of excellence, we specialize in delivering high-quality entertainment and immersive experiences for an elite clientele.

Premier Entertainment, Proven Excellence

Offering ultra-premium live music and entertainment, we boast a 15-year legacy of over 300 events in 150 iconic venues. Our partnership under Selavi Global attests to our unparalleled service in LA's top hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Exclusive Community with Global Reach

 Beyond events, GillesSignature nurtures an exclusive, invitation-only network through the globally recognized French Tuesdays. Founded by Gilles Amsallem, it connects discerning individuals across 12 countries, merging high-quality music with vibrant social experiences.


Join us at GillesSignature, where every event is not just an occasion, but a masterpiece of luxury and exclusivity.


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